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Our Story


All Aboard the Mellowship

There are many choices you have when selecting an entertainment agency. Mellowship’s strengths are in our relationships and that we know the industry inside and out.

With more than 40 years of combined experience, we've worked every aspect of event production – from marketing, advertising and branding, to sales, security and operations. We understand how the engine runs and the equal importance of every aspect of your program.

We know what it takes to create next level programming that will differentiate your event from the competition. Mellowship specializes in developing and producing unique experiences that afford organizations to deliver the best programming possible and combat rising costs in the industry.

Whether Mellowship is buying talent, producing shows, consulting or developing emerging artists, we will stick with you for the long-haul to set up your event for a stronger future. Building partnerships and working with individuals who share the same passion is what we’re all about.
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